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Forget everything about that costly trip out of town. Here at the Hill Residences, you will find your own resort-inspired enclave that could rival those outside of the city. This exclusive vertical village in the outskirts of Novaliches comes in the complete package for the family’s utmost relaxation any time of the week. You and your neighbors could play at the site’s full basketball court. Then, relax and be refreshed at the park or the function area. Dip into your own community’s swimming pool together with friends and family. Frolic within the site’s landscaped gardens and have a morning or afternoon run at the well-paved jogging paths. The community has Wi-Fi ready zones where you can check your email messages while your kids surf through their FB account. 

Furthermore, this gated and secured community has a well-guarded entrance and 24/7 security. The guardhouse is also guarded round-the-clock. Even the gates have landscaped gardens in vivid colors that are very visible while you enter the property. 

The Hill Residences Novaliches offers a unique condo unit configuration that could ease the striving family of the burden of seeking a spacious home for their kids. While young professionals and those who want to start a family will find these units very suitable for their needs of space. Each unit is provided with awesome finishes and deliverables that you can’t find in any other residential condo units across the Novaliches area. Units at the Hills Residences have modern minimalist designs that are flexible, convertible, and easy to maintain as you can do improvements any time you want to. These residential units definitely grow together with the family.

  • Jogging Paths
  • Swimming Pools
  • Wi-fi ready zones
  • Gate and Guardhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Parks
  • Function Area
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Everyday living at Hill Residences is definitely unique and extraordinary! That is what you would expect when you invest in your own unit at this SMDC development. You will have access to resort-like amenities that are designed to enrich your quality of life. You will feel a sense of luxury when you walk into this development with the building façade and interior looking more like a hotel than a condominium. But as you explore more of the property, you will be impressed at just how much you can do and enjoy without ever stepping out of the property’s premises.

First and foremost, all unit deliverables at Hill Residences come with the basic finishes. Plus, you will also get an individual electric and water meter, provision for air conditioning unit, tap for water heater and washing machine, and provisions for entertainment services such as cable TV or internet. On top of these, there are a few other notable building facilities and utilities that you can enjoy. For example, there are elevators available so you can conveniently get to your unit even when it is located on the top floor. There are also designated fire exists to ensure the safety of the residents, in the event of a fire. Other basic facilities that are provided for the residents include garbage disposal system, centralized cistern tank, intercom, mail room, fire and smoke detection system, and standby generator, to name a few.

With the basic and essential facilities out of the way, it is important to look at the lifestyle amenities at Hill Residences. The 24-hour security system is one of the most important services provided for the residents at Hill Residences. There are guards on duty at the entrance to the property, as well as roving guards on the buildings to ensure the safety and security of the residents. The security is also enhanced by the fact that there is a secure entrance gate and guard houses that guests and residents must pass through before they can enter. Plus, there is also a front desk concierge ready to attend to the needs of the residents at any time of day. Property managers are also available to ensure that all of the amenities and facilities are working efficiently, so that the residents can maximize their use.

There are two swimming pools available at Hill Residences so you can have more quality time without going to a nearby resort. One pool is designed for adult use, and the other is for the children. You can get together with the entire family by the pool area for a fun time during the weekends. You can save time from not having to travel far to be able to enjoy this particular amenity. Aside from the swimming pool, there are also jogging paths provided so you can maintain your fitness level. The jogging paths also mean that you can safely jog at well-paved paths. 

More lifestyle amenities are provided for the residents of Hill Residences to deliver comfort and relaxation, such as outdoor parks, function areas, basketball court, and the lobby area.

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